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Where to watch the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay in London?

Posted by on Wednesday, 11 July, 2012 in Featured, News, Sporting Events

Where to watch the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay in London?

Seven years after the successful bid was announced, the Olympic Games are finally about to arrive in London.  On 21 July 2012, the route of the 2012 Torch Relay brings the Olympic flame to Greenwich at the start of a much-anticipated week-long tour of the London Boroughs.  Wherever you live or work in London, the chances are that the torch will pass very close by – so, where will you watch it?

We had the good fortune to watch a close family member (congratulations to her!) take her turn as a torchbearer when the Olympic flame passed through Lincoln a couple of weeks ago.  The atmosphere was second to none, as people lined the route to cheer on the torch’s progress and gathered in the City centre for an evening celebration and firework display.  If that leg of the relay is anything to go by, the atmosphere in London in the final week before the Opening Ceremony will be electric.

If you don’t have tickets for any Olympic events, this is your chance to witness a little part of the Olympic spirit.  We’ve got the lowdown on the route that the Olympic Torch Relay will take each day, and details of local events that are happening to celebrate its arrival. Click the links below for more information.

Our top tip for getting a great view of the torch, particularly if you are taking your children? Stand near a handover point.  Each torchbearer carries the torch approximately 300 metres and then lights the next bearer’s torch.  At each handover, one torchbearer arrives a few minutes in advance of the flame and this is a good chance to get some photos.  When the previous torchbearer arrives to light the next bearer’s torch, they both stand and pose for some photos with the flame for a few minutes.

It goes without saying that you’ll get a better view if you avoid the busiest parts of the route (e.g. High Streets, town centres etc).  Look out for the sponsors’ cavalcade which passes through about ten to fifteen minutes before the flame – they hand out freebies (inflatable clappers etc) to help you cheer on the Olympic torch.

The torch relay day by day:

Day 64, 21 July 2012 – Greenwich to Waltham Forest

Day 65, 22 July 2012 – Redbridge to Bexley

Day 66, 23 July 2012 – Lewisham to Wandsworth

Day 67, 24 July 2012 – Kingston to Ealing

Day 68, 25 July 2012 – Harrow to Haringey

Day 69, 26 July 2012 – Camden to Westminster

Day 70, 27 July 2012 – Hampton Court to Olympic Stadium


By borough: 

Barking and Dagenham Day 65, 22 July

Barnet Day 68, 25 July

Bexley Day 65, 22 July

Brent Day 68, 25 July

Bromley Day 66, 23 July

Camden Day 69, 26 July

City of London  Day 69, 26

Croydon Day 66, 23 July

Denham Day 67, 24 July

Ealing Day 67, 24 July

Enfield Day 68, 25 July

Greenwich  Day 64, 21 July

Hackney Day 64, 21 July

Hammersmith & Fulham Day 69, 26 July

Haringey Day 68, 25 July

Harrow Day 68, 25 July

Havering Day 65, 22 July

Hillingdon Day 67, 24 July

Hounslow Day 67, 24 July

Islington Day 69, 26 July

Kensington & Chelsea Day 69, 26 July

Kingston Day 67, 24 July

Lambeth Day 69, 26 July

Lewisham Day 66, 23 July

Merton Day 66, 23 July

Newham  Day 64, 21 July

Redbridge Day 65, 22 July

Richmond Day 67, 24 July

Southwark Day 69, 26 July

Sutton Day 66, 23 July

Tower Hamlets Day 64, 21 July

Waltham Forest Day 64, 21 July

Wandsworth Day 66, 23 July and Day 69, 26 July

Wandsworth Day 69, 26 July

Westminster  Day 69, 26 July


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