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Tips for Trips

Getting out and about with a new baby can seem daunting.  You’re not sure what to take with you (everything but the kitchen sink, just in case?), and worry about what you’ll do when your baby starts screaming for food/sleep/a new nappy/no discernible reason when you’re somewhere unfamiliar and don’t know where to find the nearest suitable feeding and changing station.

Some days it’s easy to feel discouraged from venturing further than the local supermarket, if you get out of the house at all that is (we’ve all been there…).  Similarly, although your baby will develop a more predictable routine as he or she grows, weans and starts toddling, getting organised for a short trip, a whole day out, or a longer spell away from home can still seem stressful.

On the bright side, once you do manage to get out and about, it can do both you and your baby the world of good.  You generally don’t need as much stuff as you might think, and a bit of forward planning goes a long way.  In this vein, we’ve gathered together our Top Tips for Trips, designed to take the stress out of planning a day out or long journey with a baby or toddler.  Click on the topics below to start planning your trip.

Planning your trip – where to go 

What to pack – trip essentials and optional extras

Getting around – transport 



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