London fun for you and your little ones

Planning your trip – where to go

First things first, where are you going to go on your day trip?  With a new baby you might feel more comfortable starting small – go somewhere local so you can get home quickly if necessary, and fit your outing into a gap between feeds.  Once you are used to being out and about with your baby you can gradually start to go further and stay out longer.  By the time your baby becomes a toddler, you will think nothing of heading out for the whole day.

You don’t need to plan your trip with military precision, but it helps if you think about a few things in advance.  Where are you going to go?  To the shops, a park, a museum or just for a stroll? Have a look at babydaytripper’s List of Reviews of baby-friendly and accessible destinations for some inspiration.

How will you get there?  Consider whether to go in the car, take public transport or walk (for babydaytripper’s tips on transport, click here).

Is there somewhere you can feed and change your baby?  Babydaytripper’s reviews include details of baby changing facilities, feeding rooms where available and places to stop for refreshments (including whether highchairs are available).

Do you have any tips for planning a day out with your baby?  If so, we’d love to hear from you – leave your comments below.

What to pack – trip essentials and optional extras

Getting around – transport



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