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Little Screen cinema club – Vue and Showcase Cinemas (nationwide)

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Little Screen cinema club – Vue and Showcase Cinemas (nationwide)

Bad weather and the first winter bugs combined to make us a miserable household last week, so when an invitation to the new Little Screen cinema club popped up in my inbox it seemed the perfect tonic.

Little Screen is an interactive cinema experience launched in October by Pinewood Live to introduce little ones to the big screen. CBeebies presenter Pui Fan Lee (of Show Me Show Me and Teletubbies fame) helped to devise the programme, which aims to allow children to learn together in a social environment. The hour-long feature consists of five episodes of favourite pre-school shows, sandwiched between interactive segments presented by an exuberant chap named Marty.

We headed down to our local Vue cinema at 10.30 on Saturday morning to catch the November show. The boys were very excited when Marty appeared on screen to welcome everyone, explaining that they had to look out for shooting stars to signal the start of each show and encouraging lots of audience participation. The children were encouraged to do actions to help to dim the lights, shout out when they spotted a star and then make a “swiping” action to start each show.

This weekend’s show featured Masha and the Bear, Lily’s Driftwood Bay, Miffy’s Adventures, Octonauts and Paw Patrol. There were interactive segments, songs and dancing between the shows, which the children soon became more enthusiastic about after a shy start. Paw Patrol’s standing as most-adored pre-school show du jour was borne out by the cheers that greeted its opening credits –  I could be mistaken, but it seemed like there were as many parents as children singing along to that particular earworm theme tune.

Kids’ cinema clubs are having a moment, with most chains screening discounted feature films for families on weekend mornings. For little ones who don’t have the attention span to watch a feature-length film, Little Screen does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows parents to introduce their children to the cinema experience in a fun and interactive format and with familiar content – a bit like CBeebies but with the sensory experience of the big screen and surround sound. I was worried that my 5-year-old would find it babyish, but actually he loved it and has already asked to go to the next run in December (10th/11th). At approx. £3 per person (prices vary between Showcase and Vue*) it’s a relatively inexpensive weekend treat that I’m sure will feature on our list of weekend entertainment from now on.

Little Screen screenings take place at Showcase and Vue Cinemas nationwide. The next show is on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December 2016 featuring Thomas & Friends, Hey Duggee, Paw Patrol, Lily’s Driftwood Bay and Ben & Holly. For more information and tickets booking go to or Vue or Showcase


*Thanks to Vue for providing our tickets on this occasion

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