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About babydaytripper was founded in 2012 by Gemma Lohan Scott and her son MJ. Baby G came along in 2013 to add to the chaos.

Our story

Before my son was born in May 2011 I worked full time in the City.  I used to pass intriguing places on my commute, or read about them in the paper, but never quite found the time to check them out.  After my son arrived, I couldn’t wait to make the most of my maternity leave to get out and about.  Although we live in a leafy part of South East London with lots of fantastic baby activities on offer, once a week we set off for an adventure a bit further afield.  On these day trips we have been to all sorts of places – some of which I’ve always meant to visit but never had time, others that I’ve just discovered, and there are always more places to add to the list.  Whenever I tell other parents about the places we’ve visited they always ask the same questions: Was it worth the trip? How easy is it to get there with a pushchair? Is it baby-friendly? Are there baby-changing facilities? Is there somewhere for tired mums and dads to get a cup of tea? How much does it cost to get in?

Our aim aims to suggest great places in London for babydaytrips, from the point of view of someone who’s actually been there with their baby.  You can be sure that we have visited all of the places featured in person and update this site regularly with details of our latest trips.  Most of the places featured can be visited in less than half a day, perfect to squeeze in between feeds, lunch, naps and the rest of your hectic week.  Where possible, we also visit places that have free or low cost admission. Hope you enjoy your babydaytrips as much as we do!


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  1. Caroline

    Good idea for a website, thanks for creating it, I’ll definitely keep up to date with your posts. I might go to The Museum of Childhood, on your recommendation, at the weekend. You sound a lot like me. I have been working in the City for years, live in SE London but am now on maternity leave wanting to do things.

    Just one criticism, I’m not sure about the look of the website, especially the font and banner at the top of the front page. It looks a bit like one of those fake sites. I’m worried that I am going to put my contact setails in and get a load f spa.

    • gemma

      Thanks for taking the time to comment – I’m always grateful to receive feedback about how the website could be improved and can assure you that I don’t want subscribers to worry about receiving any spam, just updates on our posts! I’ve been thinking of playing around with the look and feel a bit more, so will definitely bear your comments in mind. I hope you enjoy the Museum of Childhood if you decide to go at the weekend.